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(Subtitle: Thoughts outof the frame)
מחשבות מחוצלתמונה

Double exposure is not just photography-related.
This time – commuters in motion (or is it me?)
(and due to a special request – a double language full-of-text issue)

חשיפה ארוכה או כפולה היא לא רק רעש או כלי צילום
(?והפעם – נוסעים/נושאים בתנועה (או שמא זה אני


Three and two are one
When does one (say – me) decide the subject deserves to be re-shot?
we move in time and space all the time, is it just the fact you note it that makes you re-draw?
,מתי מגיעה ההחלטה שהתנוחה או המצב השתנו עד כדי צורך בהתייחסות 
?בתחילת רישום חדש
.הרי המצב – או אני – זזים כל הזמן, וגם צילום, רגיל ככל שיהיה, מקפיא פלח זמן
non reader
three books
OK, I know the answers (or at least have one…), when the pose changes, I re-draw, and when it changes back, I go back to the previous one… 
טוב, בסדר, אני יודע את התשובה (או לפחות יש לי אחת…)  – כאשר התנוחה משתנה, אני רושם רישום חדש,
אבל שומר על האפשרות לחזור לקודם אם התנוחה חוזרת

תשומת הלב שלי והיכולת להגמיש את המציאות כך שתתאים לרישום
 מגדירים האם התנאים השתנו עד כדי הפסקת הקיים ותחילת רישום מציאות חדשה
Two sitting before one
And, in fact, It is a matter of decision, since even if there was no movement, the object would have been drawn differently every time.
.ובעצם, ההחלטה גמישה, שכן גם אם האובייקט יכל לא לזוז, הוא יירשם אחרת בכל פעם
hair covered and my stop arrived
And time poses its limits as well, will they exit at the next stop? is my stop approaching?
On the other hand, I prefer not to draw top down, 
not to define priorities just to win the race
והזמן, גם הוא חלק מהמשוואה,
 ,חלקו לא ידוע, האובייקט רשאי לזוז, לרדת בתחנה
.וחלקו בשליטתי, התחנה שבה אני אמור לרדת
מצד שני – מעדיף לא לרשום מבחוץ פנימה 
לא להזדקק להגדרת עיקר מול טפל רק כדי להספיק במירוץ מולו
two daily papers
When drawing, I mainly look at the subject
so sometimes one line works against the previous take, 
and sometimes it blends with it seamlessly.
,בזמן הרישום, אני מסתכל בעיקר בנושא 
ולעתים קו ברישום אחד מתנגש בקודם או מתמזג בו לחלוטין.
three reading one
A big question is the definition of done.
A question which can be diminished only if the face value of the drawing is zero at all stages.
ובין כל אלה ניצבת השאלה מתי לסיים, שאלה שלא מציקה רק אם הציור חסר ערך בכל שלב שהוא
Till nextime.

Barrel Scraping, part 1.

Posted: August 30, 2011 in barrel, pune, reggae, rose, school, sleep, talk, train

In the unforgettable scene in Blade-runner, I am sure Batty said “Time, need more time” as he pierced his palm with a rusty nail, but alas, could’n find the quote in IMDB, and don’t have the time to search elsewhere.
All this to say, though sketch I do, I have no time to scan, so going back and looking for some scanned stuff I thought I’d make a theme with, here is a some-of-this some-of-that version of Take5 (no time for the 2…)

Rose asleep

One of the drawings I love most, a little girl of our dear dear friends had a sleepover. I know it is hard to see but she is there in between the smudges, along with her blanket, dreams and teddy…

We’re jammin

Our kid’s Circus teacher (yup…) invited us to a reggae concert by his band, first time I drew while dancing (but not the last), meant to keep it to a future music post, but (as they say in these regions) – viola!

Close-eyed and painless

A long long time ago, in another planet called India, I had some time off (or perhaps it was just the clock that stopped ticking for a week), as a drawing meditation, I tried looking real hard, breathing all the image I could absorb, and than holding my eye’s breath, and putting it all on paper with my eyes widely-shut.

Never going back to my old school

Getting back to the almost present, a tiny while back I was invited to an 8th grade class reunion. Was too far away and (as mentioned…) no time, but I had an idea for a project: take an empty photo album and fill it with drawings of photos. 
Didn’t get past the second page, but it is a fascinating process, since the further you go, the more you are at risk of ruining the drawings on the same page. anyway – based on a photo by a great photographer that apparently was in a parallel class, I drew the back of my classroom (that turned out to be another building altogether, goes to show you how fickle memory is…)

Shut-eyed and trainless
Time… need more…..   time.

And finally, as you may know, I joined a metro-sketchers community (delignesenligne  translated perhaps to lines on line), and though, as some clown once told me, drawing sleeping people is not fair, I like drawing them anyway.
These are two rejects.
The guy may have had narcolepsy, he sat in front of me, and suddenly dropped into deep sleep in a sec. The gal was just trying not to let the daylight creep in before it is absolutely necessary.

So there you go, an Italian reader I know said she likes the stories so I blabbered a lot this time.

Drop me a line (or a composition of a few)

OMG! it is past midnite! the monitor is turning into a pumpkin!!!


A first post of Paris, but also some friends coming over (welcome!, it’s great to have company.)

– My mom suggested I’d take you by the hand sometimes, so follow me on the way to work: train from the suburbs to the heart of Paris.

– And I asked some friends to visit, they arrived right on time!

Till nextime..

Wait, there is a knock on the door… 
Here are the guests, each drawn by a different left hand of a different right person: