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One Liners

Posted: October 20, 2012 in bike, black and white, logs, one-line, Paris, pencil

My beloved drawing mentor suggested an exercise:
– Try a complete drawing without lifting the pen(cil)

Here are some results,

N-Joy and Till nextime.

A garden corner

Strange shop, with lotsa this-and-thats in boxes

Same shop, other thisNthats in the window

Parisian street

Wood logs begging to be drawn

Bike taking the train home.


(Subtitle: Thoughts outof the frame)
מחשבות מחוצלתמונה

Double exposure is not just photography-related.
This time – commuters in motion (or is it me?)
(and due to a special request – a double language full-of-text issue)

חשיפה ארוכה או כפולה היא לא רק רעש או כלי צילום
(?והפעם – נוסעים/נושאים בתנועה (או שמא זה אני


Three and two are one
When does one (say – me) decide the subject deserves to be re-shot?
we move in time and space all the time, is it just the fact you note it that makes you re-draw?
,מתי מגיעה ההחלטה שהתנוחה או המצב השתנו עד כדי צורך בהתייחסות 
?בתחילת רישום חדש
.הרי המצב – או אני – זזים כל הזמן, וגם צילום, רגיל ככל שיהיה, מקפיא פלח זמן
non reader
three books
OK, I know the answers (or at least have one…), when the pose changes, I re-draw, and when it changes back, I go back to the previous one… 
טוב, בסדר, אני יודע את התשובה (או לפחות יש לי אחת…)  – כאשר התנוחה משתנה, אני רושם רישום חדש,
אבל שומר על האפשרות לחזור לקודם אם התנוחה חוזרת

תשומת הלב שלי והיכולת להגמיש את המציאות כך שתתאים לרישום
 מגדירים האם התנאים השתנו עד כדי הפסקת הקיים ותחילת רישום מציאות חדשה
Two sitting before one
And, in fact, It is a matter of decision, since even if there was no movement, the object would have been drawn differently every time.
.ובעצם, ההחלטה גמישה, שכן גם אם האובייקט יכל לא לזוז, הוא יירשם אחרת בכל פעם
hair covered and my stop arrived
And time poses its limits as well, will they exit at the next stop? is my stop approaching?
On the other hand, I prefer not to draw top down, 
not to define priorities just to win the race
והזמן, גם הוא חלק מהמשוואה,
 ,חלקו לא ידוע, האובייקט רשאי לזוז, לרדת בתחנה
.וחלקו בשליטתי, התחנה שבה אני אמור לרדת
מצד שני – מעדיף לא לרשום מבחוץ פנימה 
לא להזדקק להגדרת עיקר מול טפל רק כדי להספיק במירוץ מולו
two daily papers
When drawing, I mainly look at the subject
so sometimes one line works against the previous take, 
and sometimes it blends with it seamlessly.
,בזמן הרישום, אני מסתכל בעיקר בנושא 
ולעתים קו ברישום אחד מתנגש בקודם או מתמזג בו לחלוטין.
three reading one
A big question is the definition of done.
A question which can be diminished only if the face value of the drawing is zero at all stages.
ובין כל אלה ניצבת השאלה מתי לסיים, שאלה שלא מציקה רק אם הציור חסר ערך בכל שלב שהוא
Till nextime.

Yup, been so long.
Still, a new and minor post with some small samples,
outside the train, waiting on a train, and insideofit…

Till nextime…

Sleeping on a 5AM metro back home
Half asleep on a five AM metro
The right angle for a full frame

Catch the metro fast so I can catch the metro

Waitin on a train, armed with a cellphone.
Homeward bound (oh I wish I was)

Outside the office

Restaurant chat


Some working class heroism

Couldn’t help myself, a quick second round with sketches of some more masterpieces, 

This time Picasso, Matisse, and not one, not two, but Three Venus de Milo!.
When a painting is lent, a note is put in its place.

And, as promised, the Venus de Milo sisters, all drawn by the same family. (I adore this series)
And to finish off, something about life and death:
A statue of the fish carying the spirits to the death world (from the Oceanic collection of the Quai Branly museum)
And just for the context, This is a big black wooden fish, the skull is put in its belly, and there is a man (whom I didn’t draw) holding the fishe’s mouth firmly shut, while the mouth penetrates it’s back. (hope the picture below makes it clearer…)

A sunrise or a sunset?

If Impressionism is an attempt to take reality and extract the impression out of it. what does a drawing whose subject is an impressionist masterpieces mean? a double extract? a way to pass the time?
Ah, you know what? forget it…

This time – some drawings from Musée d’Orsay (among others)
And if you missed my recommendation – take a look at this issue of Boo! Baa! Buu! with echos of the Leviathan

Beatriz Milhazes au fondation cartier

Monet – Orangeri​e

Monet – Orangeri​e, using some pens bought in the kiosk.

indeed Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and the Dead Mule
Apparently, Honoré drew tons of them, as you can see (and even buy a poster) here.

I sat down to rest, right below a statue of Icarus, and took my time to draw him in relatively lots of detail, but I still prefer the fast one that came after…


An attempt to catch the mist Monet lays down with pencils.

If you look closely, you will see some visitors reflecting in the protecting glass. (at least I did…)



Bonnard is someone I can’t seem to get enough of… 

The guard was dosing off, so I started drawing and waiting for him to fall asleep. Suddenly he woke up, looked around, and mumbled something about him falling asleep and that he has to go take a walk.
The empty chair remained.

Haifa getting ready for sunset.
Kids play.
A tangled-up one-liner.
While visiting our Haifa soul-buddies, I seized the chance to draw a 3ptich of their window-view (A homage to a work by the inspiring O. I used to work with),
*As Shir taught me – make your black by mixing complementary colors.
And just one of the Holy J. 
(I wanted soo much to draw the old-city market, but there were only 24H that D.)

They (actually he) say a man is made in the mold of his birthplace, so coming back and seeing the mold changed and so did you, but still you both stayed the same is quite interesting (if you are interested…)

Some shots of my molding-place:

(This time more than 5, and more than 2)

Root-beer for the firstime.
Once upon a time, there was a peace-project, three skyscrapers – a Circle (Islam) a Square (Christianity) and a triangle (Judaism), called towers of peace, but Ego is bigger than idealism – hence today they are Towers of Azrieli.
The cat feeding lady (shhhh, don’t tell anyone)
Cats are fed up.
She said – Didn’t recognize you without the hat, be careful when cars cross

In this picture there hides a huge black statue, can you find it and color it rust?

A street lamp emitting dark rust, used to adore it, and still do.