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Yup, been so long.
Still, a new and minor post with some small samples,
outside the train, waiting on a train, and insideofit…

Till nextime…

Sleeping on a 5AM metro back home
Half asleep on a five AM metro
The right angle for a full frame

Catch the metro fast so I can catch the metro

Waitin on a train, armed with a cellphone.
Homeward bound (oh I wish I was)

Outside the office

Restaurant chat



A first post of Paris, but also some friends coming over (welcome!, it’s great to have company.)

– My mom suggested I’d take you by the hand sometimes, so follow me on the way to work: train from the suburbs to the heart of Paris.

– And I asked some friends to visit, they arrived right on time!

Till nextime..

Wait, there is a knock on the door… 
Here are the guests, each drawn by a different left hand of a different right person: