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If Impressionism is an attempt to take reality and extract the impression out of it. what does a drawing whose subject is an impressionist masterpieces mean? a double extract? a way to pass the time?
Ah, you know what? forget it…

This time – some drawings from Musée d’Orsay (among others)
And if you missed my recommendation – take a look at this issue of Boo! Baa! Buu! with echos of the Leviathan

Beatriz Milhazes au fondation cartier

Monet – Orangeri​e

Monet – Orangeri​e, using some pens bought in the kiosk.

indeed Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and the Dead Mule
Apparently, Honoré drew tons of them, as you can see (and even buy a poster) here.

I sat down to rest, right below a statue of Icarus, and took my time to draw him in relatively lots of detail, but I still prefer the fast one that came after…


An attempt to catch the mist Monet lays down with pencils.

If you look closely, you will see some visitors reflecting in the protecting glass. (at least I did…)



Bonnard is someone I can’t seem to get enough of… 

The guard was dosing off, so I started drawing and waiting for him to fall asleep. Suddenly he woke up, looked around, and mumbled something about him falling asleep and that he has to go take a walk.
The empty chair remained.