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Xtatic dancing

Posted: September 11, 2011 in batofar, david thomas, Music, pere ubu, rhys chatham
I have a small confession to make.

It may come as a bit of shock to you (specially the ones who know me well), but it is time to say it…
I adore music!
…there, I said it!

As far as drawing is concerned, I found that drawing in the dark, or while dancing (which in my case, as a new-wave era veteran, is more of a series of semi-random-music-driven spasms) is fascinating, the energy of the music moves the pencil (like the way old records were made, if you like).

So, after last week’s success of the reggea concert (even my wife liked it!), and after the VU post and the Pamelia Kurstin and Bill Frisell one, I invite you to a concert on a boat, follow me…

La Batofat, drawn in coffee.

There is a boat on the Seine which is niteclub/ concert hall, it is named the Batofar, and I was lucky enough to see a double-feature (actually a tripple-feature, but I’d rather forget that part…)

The first act (you can say warmup, but it says nothing about the quality, only about the length) was by Rhys Chatham (trumpet, electric guitar) accompanied by Will Guthrie on drums and acute good vibes. you can see an almost full video of this show here + here) , followed by Pere Ubu (segment – here)

I can assure you the videos bear no resemblance to the shows, Rhys is an oh-so-funny musician, while David Thomas (Ubu) is heart wrenching, Rhys’s music is flowing, Ubu’s is tight, and David Thomas sips his juice from a flask while sitting on a small stool when he is not singing. but they are both true to their art, and they both make noise that, (with the steady rocking of the boat) makes it hard to stand still.

So, there you go, hop right in… 

If you want some sound accompaniment to this post: 
A Pere-Ubu radio show 
A Rhys Chatham Radio interview

Rhys: Should I start w a trumpet or a guitar?
Audience: Trumpet! 
Rhys lays loop over loop, while the drummer battles the growing wall of noise
Wall of sound still growing
Guitar time
Standing close to the amp, soundwaves shake my pen.

Et Voila!
About two years ago I had tickets to Pere Ubu, but missed the show… 
This time I didn’t!
David Thomas doesn’t have it easy. 
His drummer is amazing (in factall the band is, see  – v9.3), and speaking to him after the show, (they open a CDs and T-Shirst case and sell them while soaking in sweat) they all seem to adore and protect the big guy.
Tons of noise, and David in a total let-go w his little bottle.
Sheet music
(wonder if they bought it, so they can learn how to play Pere Ubu music 🙂  
The band includes a Theremin/ KB/ whatever player, a Base player girl, the drummer a guitarist and David,
You can think of a resemblance to the pixies, but (seeing both), well… yo’ll see me w Ubu nextime!  
As you can read in, they belong to the avant-garage movement which consists of a single band (not surprising, since David coined the term)
David plays the role of a grumpy, alcoholic, women hating grandad, (one of their discs is called “Why I hate women”, Explaining the title, David Thomas wrote “Why I Hate Women is based on the Jim Thompson novel he never wrote but would have.”  (thx, WIKI!)
He makes sound come out of sawed half trumpet, small electronic whatevers, and his sawed voice-chords and mind.

A rock star’s life sure is glamorous! (kids: don’t try this at home!)
A quote (Wiki): Rock music is mostly about moving big black boxes from one side of town to the other in the back of your car.
Shoutinging thru the half trumpet. 

Do your ears buzz? mine do…
Till nextime!