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This time, to celebrate the blog’s 16th birthday (well… in blog years), a short story:

The intro is my take on a well known (at least where I come from) hebrew song called “City in gray”. for years people thought it was written about Tel Aviv, until Nomi Shemer revealed it’s written about Paris.

Right near my old school there is a hill overlooking Tel Aviv, I remember the evening of my 8th grade graduation, when we all went there, stayed on top of that hill all night (or at least till 9 PM :-), watching the darkness and the city, and trying to guess which kids we’ll  never see again.
After a few years a statue was built by Dani Karavan right where we sat – called “White Square” and dedicated to Tel Aviv.

(bear with me a sec, and I’ll owe you one…) 

Long before we bought our flat (right near that hill), on a spring friday afternoon, my lovely ant and me layed flat on our back on the top of the statue’s big stairs (and far away from the guard’s eye, so he won’t yell at us with his russian accent) , and watched the clouds, while only the top of the white tower enters our field-of-vision. We pretended this is our house, we are in our white concrete bedroom, and that we’d stay there forever. than it got too chilly and we went back home…

At the beginning of this year, I promised myself to draw at least once a day. I quit the camera replacing it by a sketchpad, and I even created this blog to help me stick to it. 

Last weekend we went to a Dani Karavan statue called Axe-Majeur 30 minutes from Paris, And there it is, our Tel Aviv home, slightly changed, but so are we. Was the White square, too, ‘written’ about Paris? 

I looked up the average lifespan of a blog, it turns out most blogs die at the age of 3 months,

For the 16th post (counting at the base of 11), I allow myself to get back to the camera, so today’s post consists of the photos of the most beautiful slum I ever saw, the point where the Axe-Majeur starts. (warning – I am a sucker for reflections)

Oh, and yesterday evening, after almost completing this post, we went (as part of the European museum night) to a funny event, that turned out to be a hommage to a park by Dani Karaven and Marta Pan, we got to hold red circles for Marta Pan, blue squares for Dany Karavan, and got home tired but content.