water and music from the internal war zone

Posted: July 23, 2012 in aquarelle, chinese ink, israel, kibutz, one-line, pool, rodner

A visit at home can be a challenging experience, so here are some clicks I did with the sketchpad…

My wife’s kibutz entry looks heart throbbing from inside the car at 6 AM
When it is so so hot, the pool and the sea are the only option outside of the air-conditioned bubble.
The continuous struggle I have with colors continues

And continues

While black and white in a non hostile environment makes me feel safer
Colors allow understanding swimming is not allowed.

The things I am craving for when Israel are art and music from the place that molded me, I went to a museum, but O.D’d and couldn’t draw anything. Music, however, indeed came my way (followed by a three hour gift of a meeting 🙂

The show was by Hemi Rudner backed by Almog Mudai, and the impressions are below.

Almog solo

Hemi joins, a lovely stage carpet, black curtains and  the speakers right near me.
Life is good, no complaints.

Can’t draw small when sitting close, so diagonally is the only option

Nomi Shemer, tell me sweet sweet lies…
Blues (and some green)


Three almost-one-liners 

open space #1

open space #2

open space #3

See you around.

  1. Igor says:

    Loved it. The colored ones too.

  2. still in israel?love your sketches.see youAviva

  3. Anonymous says:

    A big wow and a big abraço do BrasilYouri- o Mineiro

  4. Thanks mates,Igor – Thanx! I am still in a conflict with them. hope to meet nextime!Aviva – No, Long gone, thanks for the visit! dash to the girlsYouri, you globe-trotter, same from here!Ze Bear

  5. Alon says:

    פשוט מקסים! סליחה לא קראתי מילה, רק רפרפתי בין התמונות (אני חצי ישן בשעות אלה) ומאוד אהבתי. תודה. אמשיך לראות מחר.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dov,I really appreciated that you showed me your drawings and commented them. As I see it, it's a sort of an "intimate" art (beacause you I draw in a personal small format book, to express your feelings and for yourself/your family). Therefore the impact is much stronger "in life" as compared to internet. Look forward to seeing you & your new work soon.By the way, what does "5 sketches, 2 improvs. give some take some" stand for?Katia

  7. Hey, Yekaterina!Thanks for your eyes, :)- It is not the feelings I want to share, but to examine my perception. – I know, the media switch is hard, but we do with what we can, the internet has a tendency to flatten stuff, but it runs for longer distances, so it has its advantages as well.Was happy to share my 'work' with you, and promise to prepare something for nextime. (or at least try)When I started the blog, I intended to publish 5 sketches, and record two pieces of guitar each post, but I also intended to publish each week, so life takes its turns while the name remains.Great to receive comments! and hear your strong voice :)Me.

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