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Still waiting..

Just got back from a concert by one of my favorite musicians,
Fred Frith performed with Berangere Maximin @ Le Batofar, a boat on the local river.

Always a pleasure discovering new and great musicians, Berangere Maximin looks like Scarlet Johnson, and  makes electronic soundscapes that fall into the blessed and uncategorized domain of random audio-visual noise (look+listen here)

Berangere Maximin x 2

As for Fred Frith, you can look up his work on the web (you tube or vimeo is better than just listening)

One may say he is a dadaist musician.or to be more elaborate… (here goes my 5 cents of humble understanding…) :

Music started out as primal sound, meant to express emotions, first with human voice, than with percussion on top, and slowly there came tools that are more and more elaborate, with music theories, scales, (let alone production, lyrics, etc.)
Two cans and a chain
Fred Frith is one of those that walks past the rules to return to the primal source of music, hence no scales, but using an elaborate instrument (the electrical guitar), and manages to get a clear emotional state (mainly on the palette of Happy).
Don’t get me wrong, his craftsmanship is impressive, and his technical toolbox is rich, but the mastery (as with all great musicians) is in putting it all aside.

Ok, I blabber enough, the only thing I wanted to add is that he goes in is music where I hope to go in my drawings, stepping across the border of form to catch the integral view of the object.

Here is my take on the show, till nextime!

Violin bow


In the continuous trend to draw other people’s stuff (how about poets writing other people poems??) here are some Matisse painting water-painting, and Dega sketches.

Till nextime!


In the continuous effort to learn the language of color, a color post!

Sometimes I like to go to the museum and draw.
This time impressions from a Matisse expo of themes and variations,

Plus some ten Liz Taylors by warhol, and a Jean-Dubuffet cave.

Six Matisse sketches of a vase on a table

Two Matisse paintings, different color-sets of same subject
Lady Matisse times 2
Sea-beasts vs air-creatures

Four Matisse blue nude cutouts explained to a class of six year olds
Fold, color, unfold, hang – Simon Hantaï.

Alice posing to her boyfriend below a huge mashroom

A dark Dubufette cave inside the museum, suddenly four kids enter and draw

10 x Liz

Till nextime!