White night/ White heat

Posted: October 2, 2011 in joseph ghosm, nuit blanch, Paris, rhys chatham, white night, white on black

Yet another Parisian (among other places) tradition is a white night at October,
An all night Open art scene (which ,as discovered too late, is not backed up by public transportation or Taxi enhancement)
A special treat yesterday was to attend part of a 5 hour performance by Rhys Chatham and Joseph Ghosn

Below are the event drawings, and photos by a dear dear friend of mine.

Rhys is the most communicative avant-guard trumpet-and-guitar-player I know, and goes to extreme effort to introduce his partners (this time – J.Ghosn).

A small comparison table of this one to the last time I saw Rhys,

Show #1 Show #2
With: Will Guthrie Joseph Ghosn
Density: Crowded Spacious
Places: Standing Sitting
Tickeys: Non-free Free
Location: Boat Heck of a space!
Duration: 20 Minutes 5 hours!!
Drawing: Black on White White on Black

A guided tour 🙂 …
A DJ with glasses and headphones looking down at the controls.

Guided tour…
DJ with his back to trumpetere

Till nextime!

  1. A video, you should make a video with music by guy-with-the-hat and guy-with-a-beard

  2. youri says:

    The more I look at them, the more I love them.Thinking of it, my only advice: do more of this. Please.I don't like ranking. It's just meaningless to me to use figures to express preferences, it's just a way to avoid actually expressing anything. And precisely, this is why I'd like you to take my "It's your best post so far" in a non-numerical way. As a feeling, as a synonym of "h…y s..t!".Yours contradictorily, Y.

  3. Anonymous says:

    j'aime bcp ces lignes blanches, noirs, fortes, douces. chouette de te voir dessiner!!!émouvants tes dessinstodayael darom

  4. The Bear says:

    Ooh-la mangled, I will add it to the I-should-do list, but as you know time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana), afraid I won't get to it :)You – thanks a million! (not meaning that as a number…), I think you may like it because it has so many drawings, and in different langs. (was it you who told me to use less lines? or was it you who gave me the white pages?And I think the photos make it easier to swallow. meaning more communicative.Also, though I do like drawing with spots, what does your "happy spot" wish mean anyway? And dear Yael! pleasure to have you aboard!Three-star love to you all!

  5. youri says:

    In fact I was there too, uncle Bear!

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