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Actually I planned to have no drawings this week, and just talk about a book that creates magic, a wizardry of language, emotions, poetry and that is made of pure and untranslateble multilayered hebrew, one that made me re-feel the joy of language and literature after i-forgot_how_much time, but it will have to wait…

Yesterday night I went to a Bill Frisell concert with my daughter, and we landed on the most magical warm up, a Theremin solo concert by the enchanting Pamelia Kurstin.
And since (as whoever said) Writing about music is like dancing about architecture, I give up the music part this time, and just try to draw about it.

– Moving the hands in the air, drawing imaginary structures of music that penetrate the defense system and touch the soul.

– From time to time she sets up some loops on the stage ground, or some other sorcery (we were too close and low to see exactly what)

The Bill Frisell show was surprising as expected, a great, layed back, avantguard country music, with two guitars (a slide and a Frisell…), a violin, and a base.

Since my lovely ant said it is unclear, I’ll solve the below triptich – a bass-player from whiteto black:

And its most touching piece was when Carrie Rodriguez took the guitar and sang “I’m so lonesome I could cry” .
my daugter asked me on the way home what are the words about, and we got to talk about music which made the ride back a cinch. sometimes being a parent feels like it is actually all worthit.
And as always, till nextime…
The Bear.

Party-people in disguises

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Most of them are not dressed up like that usually,
but today they made an exception.

Till nextime!

The Bear.

Had another peek last week at the current world of Shir, who tought me how to draw and look. (see a link on the right..) and tried to refresh some aproaches.
Some more trees today, and a second shot at last week’s music themes as well. (with a slightly different guitar)

And, it’s a great honor to have two guests this time, who are good friends of each other that didn’t meet in a long while.

Trees guitar #1

And now for the guest corner…

The first guest is drawn just above (while I am chasing him up the stairs)…
I usualy don’t read titles, but this one surely earned its title…
The eye of Ganesh
The other guest is right below, and has the sheer energy of 6 year old.
A small note of warning – you might want to have volume control handy 🙂

Till nextime!


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Talked to my son today about trees while returning from the library, do they have a soul or not.
First he said they do not, only animals do, but then we started looking, there are trees that are miserable, sometimes frightened, there are trees that are happy, some like company and some like to be alone,
Some trees embrace and protect you, and some just grow or stand.
Told him there is a tree whose soul I am trying to catch for some time, but I always miss a bit, and then we stopped and looked at it.

Soo many trees, I think I’ll name the post Trees – part 1.

See you!, and if you want to bring trees for nextime, I’ll be happy to acceptit!

A knock on the door? at this hour?
Sure, come right in, no, not at all, I wasn’t sleeping, just fooling around with the guitar. want a cup of tea?

If you liked it, some more – right here…

Or – If you wanna talk, talk, don’t shoot…

First a short warning: consider this post as a text-only supplement, you may skip it, and will receive the usual post as scheduled…

As you may recall, in the first post I promissed no talking, but I did hint I am a blabbermouth, and since writing a blog is a great hyde-park, I sneak a soap box in it and examine things I didn’t have the time to think of so far.

Since starting this blog I received from you a mix of responses: some find the post soothing/ dreamy (some actually fell asleep), while others  find it unclear/ disturbing. (I guess the bored responses were spared from me), and today I got a chance to talk to two people who would be happy to come for a visit, but are not sure what to bring…

The obvious answer is – ‘bring yourself’, but this is too easy, so what do I want? and why?

I think that what I am searching for is to get across some raw (or at least unpolished) experience, a human voice that is beyond ideas.

As a spectator/ consumer, I find myself often more fascinated by process than by result; by sketches and drafts, by getting a glimpse to someone’s mind, participating in the struggle to transforms an idea into an object – be it a piece of music or a work of art.
Examples? the Beatles anthology vs their albums, Matisse sketches vs paintings, and the hums of Glenn Gould or Pablo Casals while playing vs the composition they play. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am at awe while standing in front of a masterpiece just like the next guy, but masterpieces are rare, so I’d like at least to expose a true voice, be it mine or yours. and sharpen our ears to ideas instead being spoiled by finalized products. 

And this is what I’d love to achieve here – walk on the fine line that starts by taking a known song, an object, a state of mind, and goes thru the process of translating it to something organic, not a photo or a produced recording, but rather a few lines or a hum, so as not to erase the imperfections.

The idea is not to spike, but to leave thing open enough so that connecting the dots is still interesting. (you know how kids don’t solve the connect-the-dots puzzle if it is too obviouse?)

So thanks for bearing with me (some pun intended…) to this post’s  finish, and if you are up to the challenge – come over, bring some scanned skethes, or some music you record. and we’ll play it by ear.

gon out, backson, bisy, backson, 
the Bear.