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A first post of Paris, but also some friends coming over (welcome!, it’s great to have company.)

– My mom suggested I’d take you by the hand sometimes, so follow me on the way to work: train from the suburbs to the heart of Paris.

– And I asked some friends to visit, they arrived right on time!

Till nextime..

Wait, there is a knock on the door… 
Here are the guests, each drawn by a different left hand of a different right person:

A final regard, just before the tulips reached the bin stage,

– Background, Foreground, blind, spots, contours, and an attempt at painting after a long while.
– The music is about flowers, so no worries there…


A double shot (& music)

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Broke the rules some (Hey – it’s my blog and I’ll break if I want to), one guitar recording, and two guest recording, by Hal Wilner, and Eugene Chadbourne (That’s how I want to play when I grow up!).

And lessons learnt (so you won’t say you don’t learn new stuff):
– To get a good scan, tear pages out the sketchbook.
– You can see the drawing bigger if you click on it.
– Most people on the train won’t beat you up while you draw them.

Expecting your feedback. format? ideas? tech issues (music doesn’t work, layout to big)? want to join? or just drop a friendly hello.

P.S. – felt so guilty for breakinTheRulesome, that I added two(!!) recordings at the bottom, having to do with books and that are… the same, if you want you can mixemup, play them together, starting anyone at any point, and with any volume,
Beware – it is at your own risk.

The Bear.

Hal Wilner – Whoops, I’m an Indian
me too


Posted: February 10, 2011 in lennon, one-line, open, oshik levi, sleep

A few lessons learned:

– a fine pencil drawing is hard to see on the web, I enhanced the ones below.
– a scanner will always have an opinion.

– drawing in total darkness while trying not to wake your kids up is a challenge.

   Enjoy, and drop a comment.

The manifest and a forest.

Posted: February 9, 2011 in forest

Since I really have a lot to say, I’ll limit myself,

Rules are simple:
My part:
 – 5 fast sketches. (a small comment is possible on each)
 – 2 guitar pieces – choose a song, first take, no practice.

Your part:
 – Enjoy (I hope) , feedback, and more feedback. (whatever comes to mind, public is better than private).